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Suicide Bunny: Interview with the creator, "Pip the Bunny"



Skyline Vapor recently sat down with the Texas Vapor Queen that is taking the world by storm. Her name is “Pip the Bunny” and if you haven’t heard of her Suicide Bunny juice line, then you will soon.

We recently caught up with Pip and her husband Scott at their quaint suburban house right outside of Dallas, TX.


Eric: You’re not a cook, you’re not a chef, would you say you’re artistic?

Pip: Yes, I am an artist at heart. You know, for me, that’s what makes the juice, the juice. It’s my art, it’s what I love to do, there’s a lot of passion behind it.

Eric: A lot of passion, so are you saying, that there are a lot of tense moments too?  Late at night, when you’re developing, trying to just get one more…...

Pip: Absolutely, I actually sat at a table for 9 hours straight, one time, trying to get a juice, and still at the end of the night, I was like, “I’m still not there.”

Eric: Is it driving you crazy Scott?

Scott: “Yes, absolutely, absolutely.”

Pip: My husband says, “You have to stop, just put it away.”, but I keep going, keep going, because it’s that gusto, that passion, it’s what makes you want to get up in the morning.

Eric: Does it ever interfere with your job?  Were you mixing over the summer?

Pip: It was almost a year, 8-9 months that I worked on these 4 recipes.  I probably went through 120-130 different recipes to get to these 4.  If it’s your love and passion, it doesn’t affect other areas of your life, you just do it.  It's joy, just complete and total joy.

Eric: So if you go through 120 different recipes, is it safe to say that there may be another 4 or 5, that are in second place, that are still in the back of your mind?

Pip: There are! There’s one in particular that is still pretty dear to my heart.

Eric: How do know when the recipe is done?

Pip: That is a perfect question.  For me, it’s never done.  I think its because it is my art, to me, it’s never perfected, but I finally have to let go.  I will get it out to a few people, ask them “How is this? What do you think?” Really, at some point I will put it in my tank and vape it, and if I can vape it for a week straight, then, I am pretty sure that it is something that they are going to love.

Eric: Who vaped first, you or Scott?

Scott: Me.

Pip: Scott

Eric: What did you first start with?

Scott: What did I start with? I bought an EGO first, had it for a week and realized that it wasn’t going to cut it.

Eric: Did you both smoke at this time?

Scott: No, I smoked, she did not smoke.

Pip: I had quit smoking 3 months.

Scott: I went from an EGO to a Provari, then after a week or two, to an iHybrid.

Eric: As soon as he starts doing this, what was your reaction?

Pip: When he started, I was just excited.  Because I knew the joy I was having not being on cigarettes anymore.  Then I would catch him behind the car smoking a cigarette, the devices and juice just weren’t working for him.  He [continued] with his struggles because he could not find a juice that could satisfy [him].

Eric: That’s a good point, as you talked about the hardware you started with, but what about the juice?  Was it just generic stuff from the store?

Scott: Oh yeah, yeah. Just generic stuff, and then I got into ordering stuff, but I never reordered juice.  That was the problem, very fickle on the juice that I would vape, and that is what led her to start making juice. I would “like” this, but think it needs this, then I would this one, and think it needs that.

Eric: Pip, how soon did you start vaping after all this?

Pip: Probably a week after he started; If you’re a smoker, (I was a smoker all throughout college), and I was really missing it.  It was probably about 3 weeks after he started vaping and I started to tinker around with his toys and thinking “oh, this is something” and that’s really why the juice was born, because I couldn’t really find anything that was satisfying.  I really wanted something that would satisfy my palette.


Eric: So how long before you made your first juice?

Pip: It would have been about 4-6 months before I started mixing.

Pip: At first I was terrified because of the the ingredients and components and I knew that eventually that people might be putting this into their bodies, I was putting it into my body.  So I wanted to be very sure it was something that was going to be a healthy alternative to cigarettes, and something that was very pure.  So at first I was terrified as I didn’t know the best places to order from, I didn’t know what make was the purest.  So I researched, and that was the first step. Where can I get something that’s organic, and clean and beautiful? (I guess that’s an artist’s word).  Once I found out the vendors that sold the best of the best, I started ordering things, I started mixing.  At first, I thought, what would I love to bake, and started mixing flavors together from there.Eric: What was your game plan on mixing? Did you visit forums, talk to people?

Eric: That’s impressive for someone that professes that she does not cook.

Pip: I do not cook! I burn stuff in the microwave.

Eric: Maybe you should stand behind people and tell them what to bake and put in it to make it better.

Pip: There you go! That’ll be my next job!

Eric: You have 2 kids, is it ever just crazy down here while you are trying to mix?

Scott: The worst thing is that I am at work all the time.  So she was here by herself doing this.

Pip: Occasionally I would have some friends that would come over and help me out with the kids. I am night owl, so I get a lot of work done at night, after the kids go to bed.  That’s my quiet time, my peace.

Eric: Are there any juices that you looked up to? You are so unique, but are there any that helped inspire you.

Pip: There are 2 juice lines that I reordered, personally.  Scott never did, but personally I liked 2 juice lines, Five Pawns and Good Life Vapors.  Those were the two that had flavors that I really enjoyed.  I looked up to these guys, the flavor was quality, complex.  The flavor profile was excellent, the quality was excellent, it doesn’t burn. 

Eric: It’s funny you said that “these guys helped me”, but vaping is kind of an eclectic “boys club”.  Here you are, a female, not from the west coast, but from Texas, did you have any problems moving into this industry?

Pip: It is a boys club, but the great thing about the vaping community is that people are accepting.  It was pretty difficult to get in the industry.  There weren’t many guys offering their help, but what drove me was the idea that a person could buy my juice and be disappointed.  I have been on that end, I have invested some money and it's not vapable, and it's very disappointing.  Like it or not, I was coming.  Freddie Apv, one of my great friends, has been my biggest supporter and has always given me the motivation to keep pushing and creating.

Eric: This group is rallying to help people quit smoking?

Pip: Absolutely.  Even if I can get one person to quit, I have succeeded, in my heart I have succeeded.  People have come together and the community cares.


See the Suicide Bunny line-up HERE.

Suicide Bunny juice line

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