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The colorful and vibrant spirit of Latin American culture and cuisine is the inspiration behind bringing this e-liquid line to life.  Powerful tradition and proud heritage mingle to provide some of the best flavor combinations we have seen.  Tantalizing flavors and a vibrant spirit set a bold platform to introduce SUAVE to the world.

Each Suave flavor has been masterfully crafted by our classically trained chef with the most meticulous care for each flavor note.  All ingredients have been tested with the expertise of our in-house chemist to ensure purity and consistency. 

 Come enjoy incredible flavors with a brand that celebrates life and a smoke-free lifestyle.  

 Suavè Flavor Profiles Include:  Libre – A slightly sweet mixture of lychee and kiwi cream | Bravo – A crisp, lemon-lime citrus blend with a touch of raspberry | Tigre – A wild mix of passion fruit and papaya blended with creamy yogurt | Guapo – A Caribbean-inspired flavor of delicious guava cream with a freshly-baked pastry finish | Macho – A bold custard with a variety of subtle, tropical fruit notes

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