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Old Fashioned Elixir (OFE) 

The Tobacco Lane line of Old Fashioned E-Lixir (OFE) is the holy grail of tobacco flavors you’ve been searching for. This is Premium Tobacco flavored e-liquid of the highest caliber. Each e-lixir has been masterfully hand-crafted using the finest ingredients. The result of this hard work is 4 smooth and well-balanced tobacco blends and 4 perfectly blended Main Street blends.

The Main Street line of Old Fashioned E-Lixir is a collection of some of the most sought after flavor profiles. These flavors were developed over several months of research and tested by some of the most cultivated palates. If you are looking for a quality line of E-Liquids that taste great and are very affordable, OFE is a great place to start. 

OFE is made right here in the USA from high quality, made in the USA, food grade ingredients, and pure pharmaceutical grade nicotine.

The OFE Tobacco Lane profiles: Classic Gold - Light American Blend Tobaccos  | Original Bold - Full-Flavor (Reds) American blended tobaccos | Turkish Blend - A blend of Turkish Tobacco flavors | Cool Menthol - Menthol type tobacco blend

The OFE Main Street profiles: Peach Cobbler - Peach Cobbler with hints of Vanilla and Cinnamon | Cup O'Joe - Rich Coffee with the perfect amount of Cream and Sugar | Apple Pie - Delicious Apples with spices and a crust you can taste | Lemon Berry - Tart Lemon mixed with various Berries to make a perfect combination

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