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Nighthawk e-liquids are crafted with military-grade oversight and precision and they use the finest American made ingredients on the market. With flavors like Peach Grenade, Captain A. Palmer, Custard Clouds, Barrel Roll, Melon Bomb and Pink Flare, Nighthawk e-liquid takes taste to a whole new level. Guaranteed you'll join this elite squad that vapes the best.


Nighthawk Flavors include: Custard Cloud - A vanilla bean custard topped with caramelized sugar | Barrel Roll - A warm cinnamon roll with melted iced frosting, drizzled with caramel | Peach Grenade - Sliced peaches splashed with smooth cream | Pink Flare – Everyone’s favorite pink chewy candy | Melon Bomb - A smooth blend of delicious melon | Capt. A Palmer - A sweet mixture of lemonade and sweet tea

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