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When the Buddha walked up to a hot dog stand and said, “Make me one with everything!” few know the Buddha left the hot dog proprietor with a sacred, ancient recipe. Handed down through the eons father to son, this recipe made its way to a man they call Cosmic Charlie. A very special Star Child and master of space and time, Cosmic Charlie serendipitously decided to combine the Buddha’s recipe with certain proportions of a rare matter forged in the explosion of a supernova to create amazing flavors.

Cosmic Charlie began to refer to this transcendent potion as “Chalkdust”… at least that the closest English translation. Perfection has its own language. Enjoy!


Trueberry Sugar & Knife – Pineapple pancake with blackberry maple drizzle | Head Bangin’ Boogie – Tropical blueberry popsicle | Dream Cream – Vanilla cream with hints of fudge and cinnamon | Slam Berry – Fresh strawberry ice cream | Peanut Butter & Jesus – A spiritual experience of PB&J | Drama Swirl - Apricot glazed golden pastry | Honey Badger - Honey brushed tobacco leaves with smooth cream | Mustache Milk - Savory cereal soaked in something sweet | Wonder Worm - Crystallized gummy worms laced with psychedlic sweet tarts CCD3 - With Caramel, Ice Cream, and Sea Salt, it's and absolutely delightful experience! 

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